“Serious” Video Games to Motivate

Petkov, M., & Rogers, G.E. (2011). Using gaming to motivate today’s technology-dependent students. Journal of STEM Teacher Education, 48(1),7-12.   This article addresses the subject of using video games known as “serious games” in classrooms to motivate the technology-dependent students of today. These games are meant to educate and not to entertain as the authors present this … Continue reading “Serious” Video Games to Motivate

Video Games & Education

Steinkuehler, C. (2010). Video games and digital literacies. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(1),61-63.   This article examines the relationship between video games and digital literacy. It discusses the perspective of parents and teachers who are in opposition of video games, claiming they interfere with young students’ literacy. This article also approaches this issue from a … Continue reading Video Games & Education