Peer Feedback as An Instructional Strategy

Critical Research Review of “Using Peer Feedback to Enhance the Quality of Student Online Postings: An Exploratory Study” by Ertmer et al. (2007). Problem 1. Identify the clarity with which this article states a specific problem to be explored. The focus of this research study was clearly and consistently presented in both the abstract and … Continue reading Peer Feedback as An Instructional Strategy

Interactive Video in E-Learning

Zhang, D., Zhou, L., Briggs, R.O., & Nunamaker Jr., J.F. (2006). Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness. Information & Management, 43, 15-27.   This empirical study focuses on the effects of interactive video in an e-learning environment on both learner outcome and learner satisfaction when compared with e-learning environments … Continue reading Interactive Video in E-Learning