H5P for Interactive Online Math

Math courses in an online environment can certainly be a challenge at any level.  I recently audited and evaluated an online course through Coursera titled Data Science Math Skills using the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR). This course does a nice job overall of presenting the information for each week’s lesson via video instruction and accompanying notes.  In order to create an opportunity for interactive, hands-on engagement, I would recommend embedding H5P content. This would allow students to interact with the material with immediate feedback in a variety of ways, increasing comprehension. In the video below I demonstrate using H5P content to create a Drag and Drop for students to place coordinate points on a Cartesian plane. This provides an opportunity for interaction with the material in an online learning environment. This constructivist approach to learning will enable the student an opportunity to construct knowledge of graphing coordinate points on a Cartesian plane as opposed to passively receiving this information.



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