Formal Assessment & Differentiated Learning

Helping students reach their potential requires formative assessment and differentiated instruction. Quizalize brings these two tasks together in one easy to use app accessible. In class or out of class, students can conveniently access this beneficial tool using any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access and browser. With Quizalize, teachers can create multiple classes and smoothly manage students within them. This app creates a classroom outside the classroom with immediate assessment and is geared toward all grade from elementary through university level.

For a teacher, Quizalize provides a quick look at each student’s progress. Weak areas in need of remediation as well as mastery of topics are displayed in detail. Thousands of prebuilt activities from users and schools are available to assign in a variety of subjects and grade levels. Teachers are also able to create their own assignments for students to complete, with follow-up options for students at all levels. Many state standards and the national Common Core standards have been included for use in analyzing and displaying activity results.

Quizalize gives teachers the ability to differentiate the learning process for their students. Opportunity to adjust assignments based on an initial quiz score provides students with work at their level of understanding without excess assignments (Mcglynn & Kelly, 2017). Not only does Quizalize give opportunity for formative assessment, it also allows the upload of links and YouTube videos to use for instructional purposes. This benefit opens doors to unique homework or in-class options as well.

These services are all provided in the free account, but Quizalize has even more to offer in an upgraded paid service. At just under $6 monthly, Quizalize comes with more activity storage, printable results, data transfer to learning management systems (LMS), and unlimited classes and students.

Formative assessments are necessary to make quick decisions needed for scaffolding to meet the needs of students (Missett, Brunner, Callahan, Moon, & Azano, 2014). Quizalize gives teachers this immediate assessment and insight needed for differentiating instruction.


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