Interactive Video in E-Learning

Zhang, D., Zhou, L., Briggs, R.O., & Nunamaker Jr., J.F. (2006). Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness. Information & Management, 43, 15-27.


This empirical study focuses on the effects of interactive video in an e-learning environment on both learner outcome and learner satisfaction when compared with e-learning environments without interactive video, e-learning without any video, and traditional classroom environments. Data was gathered and analyzed from pre- and post-tests to measure learning and from surveys to measure satisfaction. Results of the analysis show that students using the interactive video achieved better leaning outcomes and had greater learner satisfaction.

To complete the study, a multimedia-based e-learning system was created, LBA (learning by asking) with interactive video that allowed random content access. Four learning environments were created and examined, one using LBA with the interactive video, one using LBA with non-interactive video, one using LBA without any instructional video, and one with traditional classroom instruction (lecture and review session). Students in all situations were given the same instruction through the various mediums mentioned. The authors discussed in depth the research design, including the opting for a single session to be examined instead of a sequence of multiple sessions. Although this is a very limited approach, it avoids outside influences that students may contribute to the results, such as extra study and review time.

Interactive video can be a great asset in online and blended environments. As adult learners need more control of their learning, this flexibility in random content access fulfills that need. Students are capable of searching easily to find the information on a video lecture that pertains to what they need to learn, skipping the parts they already know. This study is very encouraging in showing us that interactive video, unlike traditional linear video, can enhance learning.




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