Rethinking Education

Collins, A., & R. Halverson (2009). Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology:         The Digital Revolution and the Schools. New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 2009.

This article discusses the evolution and rethinking of education, comparing and contrasting past eras with the current model, from pedagogy to physical learning spaces. The developing role of technology is explored and presented as a critical branch to be considered when developing the educational system of the future and striving for improvement.

While promoting the inclusion of new technologies in the reform of our educational system, the authors present compelling arguments on many conflicts existing between traditional schooling and the benefits they propose given the implementation of these new technologies. After discussing concerns and potential gains of these perceived changes, it is admitted that this revolution would indeed be an undertaking that could span decades, require societal mindset changes, and call for bold leaders to emerge. This article begins to explore both the positive and negative outcomes of a technology laden paradigm shift in education.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor as pointed out in this article. The areas of divide between schooling and technology that are presented can certainly be explored further in hopes of bridging this divide. The comparison presented in this article, of the current era and past eras, serves as a building block to work from, taking what works and merging it to promote a reform of the current system. Today’s leaders in education and in society should find this article informative and thought provoking.


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